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Epic Tour Insurance

We are excited to tell members about a tour insurance program through EPIC Insurance available for acts regularly performing in 2,500 capacity venues and below and less than $250K in annual merch sales. This program was reviewed by NITO contract and insurance specialists and it should cover most needs by small and mid level touring acts. It will also work for many of the insurance coverage requirements for major festivals today.
Details on coverage below:
  • General Liability $1M Per Occurrence / $2M Aggregate limits - Coverage extends to bodily injury and property damage to third parties outside of the care, custody, and control of the insured

  • Damage to premises $100K limit

  • Instrument, audio, lighting, gear stolen or lost merchandise coverage (up to $25K included – higher limits available as needed)

  • Unlimited performances covered plus blanket additional coverage for added shows 

  • Valid for festival performances 

  • Additional coverage, including hired auto, non-owned auto coverage and world wide coverage available

  • Average price depending on needs will range from $1,050 - $1,700 per year for most bands 

Note this is not cancellation insurance. EPIC could provide a cancellation policy, however cancellation is not covered under the above program and would be a separate policy. Reach out to Keli Tomack at Epic directly with any questions. 
Keli Tomack
NITO is also interested in hearing from any members who apply for this program. If you encounter any issues please contact
Click here to view and download an EPIC application and please use the NITO application or mention NITO when applying so we can track members using the policy.