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LONGER: The independent live music industry urgently needs your help. If Congress does not act now to pass COVID-19 relief, the live music industry as we know it may not survive. It takes 30 seconds to help take action at

The work Congress has done to respond to COVID-19 to date is appreciated, but unpassed legislation provides no relief. Please help NITO work to #SaveLiveMusic and the independent live music ecosystem by supporting the Save Our Stages Act, the RESTART Act, the extension of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and any other bills that would benefit the independent live music community. We desperately need Congressional leadership to include and pass a COVID-19 relief package before it’s too late.


SHORTER: Independent live music needs your help to survive. #SaveLiveMusic by letting your reps know you support the inclusion of the #SaveOurStages Act, #HITS Act, #ExtendPUA and the #RESTARTAct in the next relief bill by visiting


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Let NITO help you write your letter to your Representatives and tell them you support RESTART and Save Our Stages. This only takes 30 seconds! The letter will ask your legislators to support the RESTART Act, Save Our Stages Act, HITS Act and extension of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Follow the link below to email your local representatives and US Senators and #SaveLiveMusic.


The National Independent Talent Organization (NITO) is advocating in Congress to save independent artists, managers, agents, and the entire independent music community. Thank you for your support and for joining NITO’s Call To Action!

More info about NITO here.