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Founding Members

Entourage Talent

Wayne Forte

Ground Control Touring

Eric Dimenstein

High Road Touring

Frank Riley

Leave Home Booking

Stormy Shepherd

Mongrel Music

Brad Madison

New Frontier Touring

Paul Lohr

Partisan Arts

Tom Chauncey,
Hank Sacks

Pinnacle Entertainment

Scott Sokol

Sound Talent Group

Dave Shapiro

Skyline Artists Agency

Mark Lourie,
Bruce Houghton


Steve Schenck

The Kurland Agency

Ted Kurland,
Jack Randall

Madison House

Nadia Prescher

NITO evolved from phone conversations among 14 independent talent agencies at the start of the COVID 19 shutdown into an organization of 300+ talent agents and management companies to advocate in Congress on behalf of its members and the entire live independent industry. Our collective goal was the passage of the RESTART, Save Our Stages (which eventually became known as the 'Small Venue Operators Grant' / SVOG), and supporting, along with other bills that benefitted the live independent music industry.
Throughout the ups and downs of the pandemic, NITO has continued our efforts on behalf of the artists we represent and in our role as the engine that helps to employ and support the individuals and organizations who depend on our work. NITO will continue to work and fight to help keep this community alive and prosperous and make sure that our voices are heard in Congress and throughout Washington D.C.

We believe that collectively we carry more weight as we work to ensure that artists receive fair treatment from concert promoters, ticketers, merchandise companies, and other industry stakeholders. Together we can affect change and tackle current and future challenges that we could never have alone.